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Comboni Lay Missionaries in Ethiopia are a Catholic community of lay people dedicated to serving the poorest and most abandoned people in the world. We follow the charism of St. Daniel Comboni. We are lay Catholics who are strong in our faith and committed to promoting peace in the world to serve in Africa for a minimum commitment of 3 years.

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Ethiopia Province Lay Missionary Coordinator: Fr. Sixtus Agostini, MCCJ

Maggie, Mark and Emebet’s CLM Blog “Shoulder to Shoulder”


Surface: 1.133.380 Km2

Population: 88.316.500 inhab.

urban (17.2%) rural (82.8%)

Capital: Adis Abeba

Languages: Amharic (official) and English (commercial). There are others like Oromo, Tigrino, Gurague or Sidamo.

Principals ethnic: Over 85 ethnic groups like Oromo, Amhara, Tigrino, Somalian, Gurague or Sidamo.

Life expectancy: 59.7 years

Schooling: Men 50.3%, Women 35.1%

HDI: 0.396

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