The Comboni Family

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One of Daniel Comboni’s great inspirations was to gather together as many people as possible for the good of the mission.  His goal was to attract men and women religious and lay persons to the missions.

Filled with this spirit, the Comboni family comprises Comboni  Missionaries, Comboni Sisters, Secular Combonis, Comboni Lay Missionaries, and numerous other lay missionary supporters and friends in many different countries.  They work together to serve the most poor and abandoned and to spread the Gospel message of Jesus to all corners of the earth.

Comboni Missionaries
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The Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus (MCCJ) are a religious congregation of priests and missionary brothers founded upon a global missionary ministry with a presence on four continents.

Their mission is to spread their passion for Africa and the most abandoned, as received from our founder Daniel Comboni, to the world and the Church.

As witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus and in collaboration and dialogue with other cultures and religions, they strive to build a more just and compassionate world.

Comboni Missionary Sisters
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The founding of the Comboni Missionary Sisters Institute has its origins in the charism of Daniel Comboni.  Comboni profoundly recognized the special role of consecrated women in the Church’s missionary activity. 

Born of the prophetic inspiration endowed by the Holy Spirit to Comboni, the Institute started in 1872 focused exclusively on missionary work impassioned by love for Christ, Africa and the poor and forgotten.

Comboni believed unreservedly that the peoples of Africa could, through the power of the Gospel, become protagonists for the regeneration and liberation of Africa.  He recognized the importance and necessity of the presence of consecrated women in the evangelizing mission of the Church.

Secular Comboni Missionaries
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The Secular Comboni Missionaries Institute, founded in Italy in 1983, draws its inspiration from the charism of Saint Daniel Comboni.  The Institute comprises lay women of various nationalities who consecrate their lives to God. 

Through their professional work and their life witness, they promote human, Christian and missionary values.  As lay women, they embrace the living conditions of the local people. 


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