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To respond to the missionary call of the Spirit, the CLM of Spain, offers from our family reality, work and ecclesial dimension, a response based on our vocation inspired by the charism of St. Daniel Comboni and its motto "Save Africa with Africa ".

Since 1997 we have responded to this missionary call in Brazil, Ecuador, Mozambique, Peru and Central Africa, and also in our own country working for a more fair and solidary world following the Good News of Jesus. We are located throughout the Spanish geography and in each of these places we are engage in social tasks promoting the people and in mission animation at ecclesial level.

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Surface: 504.645 Km2

Population: 47.265.321 inhab

urban (70%) rural (30%)

Capital: Madrid

Languages: Spanish (official), Catalán, Gallego, Euskera (co-officials).

Life espectancy: 81 years

Schooling: 99%

HDI: 0.885

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